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kV - Honey Rye Lager


Imagine a picnic snack of honey spread across a slice of crusty German rye bread enjoyed in a fallow field of wildflowers.

If bees drank beer, they would sip on kV after a long day of pollination in a mixed fallow field of rye grass and wildflowers. A generous dose of malted rye alongside natural clover honey come together to form this wonderfully complex lager. Stunning amber color and notes of German bread, honey, and warm spice are supported by the satisfyingly full body. With a subtle sweetness, notes of earthy grain, and a floral tea like flavor in the finish, this beer truly is a celebration of rye. 


6.0% ABV - Best served in an Irish Pint


kV - Honey Rye Lager 4-Pack Cans

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