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Edison Beer on Tap 


Some Beers are seasonal and not always on tap. Please see our menu board in the brewery for up to date brews!​

All Mina
4.8% ABV 

This Pale Ale is a classic English style ale inspired by those of the world famous Burton on Trent. With a decidedly apparent malt forward profile, and a subtle yet satisfying hop character, this beer is sure to satiate the most discerning palate. Raise a glass and let All Mina deliver you to the charming pubs of Britain.

All Mina craft beer
alvanother craft beer
5.7% ABV ​

A traditional ale of Scotland exhibiting prevalent aromas of caramel, roast, molasses, and butterscotch. The soft, creamy body of this malt forward beer is balanced with a subtle touch of bitterness to balance the finish. Every taste of this rich and robust ale comes with the temptation to indulge in just one more.

Saint Armand
9.1% ABV

Our take on the traditional Trappist Tripel brewed with pale malt and Belgian candi sugar. Enjoy the full aromatics of spice, citrus, and rose carried by high effervescence and supported by a satisfying and slightly sweet malt note. Medium to light in body and low bitterness alongside a surprisingly crisp finish make this beer quite drinkable considering its high alcohol content. Expect notes of freshly ground pepper, clove, orange peel, and honey leading to a crisp and dry finish which demands another sip.  
Brother Thomas beer
Hilda craft beer Edison Brewing
4.6% ABV

This classic take on the Bavarian Hefeweizen boasts plentiful notes of clove, spice, and ripe fruit as well as plenty of effervescence to carry those aromas to your nose. With a remarkably silky and full body, this beer satisfies in a truly unique way, while the crisp and refreshing finish begs for another glass. So indulge with us in this lively weizenbier. Prost. 
6.3% ABV

This classic Porter is lush with notes of bittersweet chocolate, silky espresso, and hints of caramel. While full bodied and admittedly decadent, this deeply dark ale finishes with the gentlest touch of bitterness to balance the sweet. From the shipyards of Great Britain to your glass, Cheers.
James beer at edison brewing
5.7% ABV

It’s a celebration beer, it’s a daily driver, it’s the beer that beer would drink. Our full bodied Helles is ripe with malt flavor and aroma and balanced with subtle aromas of noble hops. Let this soft symphony of malt transport you to the biergartens of Bavaria from the comfort of anywhere.
Lewie Lewie
8.4% ABV

A robust and rich Baltic Porter with aromatics of cacao, coffee, toasted rye bread, and raisin. Expect a full body with a rich lingering finish and notes of dried dark fruit, espresso, toast, and chocolate. Like fig jam spread over well done rye toast and espresso on the side. Light notes of bittersweet chocolate and herbal noble hops compliment the richness in the finish for a balanced yet indulgent experience.
Menlo from Edison brewing company
Menlo v5
6.5% ABV

Amber to light brown with a slight haze, and positively erupting with complex hop aromas. Medium bodied, with a satisfying texture, and a signature “chewiness” associated with a beer brewed using a high percentage of rye. Expect a range of hop flavors from tropical citrus, to earthy and floral. Enjoy a pleasantly balanced finish with a slight bitterness and subtle yet satisfying sweetness.

5.3% ABV 

Vienna Lager is a celebration of balance. Pronounced malt flavors and aromas reminiscent of European bread compliment subtle hop aromas and the remarkably clean finish. Enjoy this testament of practical perfection.

Nikola Craft beer from Edison Brewing
Otto beer from Edison Brewing company
3.6% ABV

BerlinerWeisse - Aromas of yeast, European bread, and a very slight herbal note adorn this exceedingly pale German sour ale. Light bodied and highly carbonated, this beer has overtones of wheat and a subtle malty sweetness. All of these qualities work together to engineer a beautifully crisp finish which piques curiosity making this a difficult beer to leave alone. 
*add a flavor shot of raspberry, lemon or woodruff!
3.8% ABV

We start with the James Helles Lager and add our snappy housemade lemon soda to bring a summer refresher to your lips. The Radler is a classic and favorite enjoyed throughout the German speaking countries and beyond.  Radler, means Cyclist in German, started in the 1920’s and spawned several more creative beer mixes. 

Radler Craft beer from Edison brewing company
4.8% ABV

Our take on the classic Bavarian Pilsner is a definitively exquisite offering. We have for you a satisfying yet light bodied beer balanced with an apropos noble hop bitterness to lead you to a quenching and crisp finish. Come enjoy with us, the master brew. 

Patent from Edison Brewing Company
Say Watt
5.7% ABV
Our classic Helles Lager straight out of the tank, unfiltered. Expect pronounced aromas of sweet malt, and subtle aromas of herbal hops and yeast. Initially soft and sweet on the palate, while a slight bite in the finish adds complexity and balance. Kellerbier directly translates to “cellar beer”, which historically was enjoyed primarily by brewers.
Radler Craft beer from Edison brewing company
6.3% ABV

This balanced, aromatic India Pale Ale is brewed with all German ingredients and stateside ingenuity. Enjoy complex aromas of malt, white wine, citrus, and spruce brought forward by Hallertau Blanc, Mandarina Bavaria, and Huell Melon type hops. Medium bodied and semi-sweet, this beer satisfies the most discerning palate while flavors and aromas of Bavarian hops delight and intrigue. 
Samuel Craft Beer from Edison Brewing Company
Shannon Scheme craft beer from Edison Brewing Company
Shannon Scheme
4.7% ABV
Deep red to copper Irish Red Ale with an off white head and aromas of toast, chocolate, and dates. Medium bodied and ripe with flavors of cacao, roasted malt, dried fruits, and crusty bread. A moderate herbal note in the finish adorns a slightly creamy texture all leading to a crisp and balanced finish.

wizard from edison brewing company
Vasily 4.7% ABV

A rustic and earthy reimagination of our classic Roggenbier brewed with rye malt in lieu of wheat. Copper to dark red in appearance with aromas of clove, wildflowers, banana, and hearty rye bread. Aromatics of yeast, spicy rye, and caramel transition into a pleasantly complex first sip with notes of bitter orange, tamarind, bruleed sugar and bread crust. Medium to medium light bodied with a slight chewiness and crisp finish. A subtle lingering of earthy undertones and mild bitterness encourage another taste.
Willy Goat
5.1% ABV 

Consider this Dunkelbock our love letter to traditional German brewing. Willy Goat is a true dynamo of malt flavor and aroma. Boasting notes of roasted coffee, dry fruit, chocolate, and toasted bread, while also carrying a touch of herbal hop notes in equilibrium is a marvel of beer engineering. Cheers to work worth doing.
Willy Goat from Edison Brewing Company
wizard from edison brewing company
4.6% ABV

This amber Dunkelweizen is a close relation to a traditional Hefeweizen, yet showcases a higher clarity and a richer malt presence. Expect a soft, silky body with notes of bread, clove, and vanilla. With enough malt character to keep you warm in the winter, and a refreshing crisp finish fit for a summer day, the Wizard can make magic anytime. 
5.6% ABV

Rauchbier is  smoky, medium bodied, malt forward lager. Aromas of campfire smoke, pretzels, and subtle herbal spiciness flow elegantly while a smooth and rich malt character accompanies each sip. Medium bodied, semi sweet, and dry finishing, this beer is the ultimate Autumnal libation.
Zigarre beer from edison brewing company
6.4% ABV 

Doppelbock - Brilliantly clear and ruby in color with aromas of toasted malt, caramel, and subtle notes of dates. Flavors of raisin, bittersweet chocolate, and black plums generously flow through this medium bodied Doppelbock. A slight herbal hit of hops in the finish, and moderate dryness, contribute to an exceptionally balanced experience.

Alt Current Amber Altbier 4.1%

Somebody's Problem Belgian Wit 4.4%

Edison Light  Kolsch 4.5%

Limited Barrel Aged Series


Red Wine Barrel Aged Lewie Lewie - Specialty Wood Aged Baltic Porter 9.3% ABV 


Our decadent Baltic Porter aged for 10 months in California red wine barrels. Robust aromatics of oak and grape must adorn a beautifully black beer with pronounced notes of blackberry jam, dried figs, and toasted bread. Subtle notes of roasted barley and chocolate interplay with fruity notes of red wine, all leading to a satisfying finish. 


Nocino Black Walnut Liquor Barrel Aged Gus - Specialty Wood Aged Porter 8.0% ABV


Our classic English style Porter aged in Watershed Distillery Nocino barrels. Subtle aroma of oak and black walnuts lead to an almost wine-like quality, while notes of chocolate and roasted malt provide a backdrop on which complex earthy notes flourish. Medium bodied yet delicate on the palate with a wonderfully balanced finish. 


Apple Brandy Barrel Aged Brother Thōmas - Specialty Wood Aged Belgian Tripel 10.7% ABV 


Aromas of clove, allspice, and sweet apples flow gratuitously from the persistent head of this barrel aged Belgian Tripel. Aged for 10 months in Watershed Distillery Apple Brandy barrels, this variant of our Belgian Tripel boasts deep notes of baked apples, sweet malt, vanilla, and honey. Fairly light on the palate and clean finishing, this Tripel is sure to satisfy even the most discerning appetite. 



Sauvignon Blanc Barrel Aged Lumiere - Specialty Wood Aged Biere de Garde 7.8% ABV


Our Biere de Garde aged in French Sauvignon Blanc oak barrels for 10 months and refermented with natural yeast from wine grapes. Clear with a straw colored hue, and aromas of grape jam, oak, and well aged wine. Expect high carbonation and a light body with apparent notes of white wine, pear, apricot, and apple. A slight tannic oak note lends complexity and accentuates the exceedingly crisp and dry finish. 

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