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What We've Got Brewing... 


These Beers are seasonal and not always on tap. Please see our menu board in the brewery for up to date brews!​


Nikola is a celebration of balance. Pronounced malt flavors and aromas reminiscent of European bread compliment subtle hop aromas and the remarkably clean finish. Enjoy this testament of practical perfection.

5.3% ABV 

This classic Porter is lush with notes of bittersweet chocolate, silky espresso, and hints of caramel. While full bodied and admittedly decadent, this deeply dark ale finishes with the gentlest touch of bitterness to balance the sweet. From the shipyards of Great Britain to your glass, Cheers.

6.3% ABV 
All Mina

This Pale Ale is a classic English style ale inspired by those of the world famous Burton on Trent. With a decidedly apparent malt forward profile, and a subtle yet satisfying hop character, this beer is sure to satiate the most discerning palate. Raise a glass and let All Mina deliver you to the charming pubs of Britain.

4.8% ABV 
Willy Goat

Consider this our love letter to traditional German brewing. Willy Goat is a true dynamo of malt flavor and aroma. Boasting notes of roasted coffee, dry fruit, chocolate, and toasted bread, while also carrying a touch of herbal hop notes in equilibrium is a marvel of beer engineering. Cheers to work worth doing.

5.1% ABV 

Thomas is a celebration of the specialty brewing techniques of England. A showcase of British specialty malts and our expressive English Ale yeast, our Special Brown Ale is ripe with notes of caramel, raisin, and fruity esther. As a celebration beer, or to commemorate another day won, Thomas is certain to please.

5.5% ABV 

Our take on the classic Bavarian Pilsner is a definitively exquisite offering. We have for you a satisfying yet light bodied beer balanced with an apropos noble hop bitterness to lead you to a quenching and crisp finish. Come enjoy with us, the master brew. 

4.8% ABV
A Doppelbock that is ruby red in color. It has an aroma of toasted malt with some light caramel notes. Flavor of toasted malts with some caramel and raisin notes. Finish is clean with moderate hop dryness.
7.3% ABV

This classic take on the Bavarian Hefeweizen boasts plentiful notes of clove, spice, and ripe fruit as well as plenty of effervescence to carry those aromas to your nose. With a remarkably silky and full body, this beer satisfies in a truly unique way, while the crisp and refreshing finish begs for another glass. So indulge with us in this lively weizenbier. Prost.

4.6% ABV 

It’s a celebration beer, it’s a daily driver, it’s the beer that beer would drink. Our full bodied Helles is ripe with malt flavor and aroma and balanced with subtle aromas of noble hops. Let this soft symphony of malt transport you to the biergartens of Bavaria from the comfort of anywhere.

5.7 ABV

Maerzen: A very malty lager with strong toasted notes in the flavor and aroma with just a subtle hop dryness to the finish.

4.6% ABV 

This amber weizenbier is a close relation to a traditional Hefeweizen, yet showcases a higher clarity and a richer malt presence. Expect a soft, silky body with notes of bread, clove, and vanilla. With enough malt character to keep you warm in the winter, and a refreshing crisp finish fit for a summer day, the Wizard can make magic anytime.

4.6% ABV 

A traditional ale of Scotland exhibiting prevalent aromas of caramel, roast, molasses, and butterscotch. The soft, creamy body of this malt forward beer is balanced with a subtle touch of bitterness to balance the finish. Every taste of this rich and robust ale comes with the temptation to indulge in just one more.

5.7% ABV 
Cori Anna

This Goes is bright and golden in appearance with a slight acidic aroma complimented by a subtle note of lemon and fresh bread. Light to medium bodied with a crisp finish. Slightly tart with notes of sourdough bread, fresh lemon, and a touch of salinity in the finish. 

4.6% ABV 

If bees drank beer, they would sip on kV after a long day of pollination in a mixed fallow field of rye grass and wildflowers. A generous dose of malted rye alongside natural clover honey come together to form this wonderfully complex lager. Stunning amber color and notes of German bread, honey, and warm spice are supported by the satisfyingly full body. With a subtle sweetness, notes of earthy grain, and a floral tea like flavor in the finish, this beer truly is a celebration of rye.

6.0% ABV 
Edison Oktoberfest

Traditional Munich-style festival lager with a pale to amber appearance and medium to full body. Subtle herbal aroma of Hallertau type hops, dark European bread, and malt. Satisfying malt character accompanied by a crisp finish.

5.7 ABV
Legacy 126

Straw to golden in color with an assertive aroma of resinous pine and sweet orange peel; Medium bodied with a satisfying dry finish; notes of crusty bread, spruce tips, ripe fruit, and grapefruit; slightly sweet malty character with a clean and dry finish.

6.2% ABV 

Pale straw colored with apple blossom and woodsy aroma. Lively and light bodied, yet assertive in flavors of ripe pomme fruit and crusty bread. Light notes of French herbs and white wine on the finish lend to a complex and satisfying experience.

6.6 ABV
Alt Current

Copper colored German ale with aroma of caramel and malt; medium bodied with a distinctive mineral quality; notes of toasted bread, barley sugar, caramel; slightly sweet yet dry, quenching finish.

4.7% ABV 
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