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This is a Vienna Lager that has moderate malt sweetness with a hint of malt smokiness. It has a malt character from Vienna and other colored malts. Balanced with a subtle hop and caramel flavor and aroma. Clean, moderately dry finish.
5.3% ABV 
A classic British style porter with black and brown malt flavor and aroma. Rich body with blanched dry finish. 
6.3% ABV 
All Mina
A British-Style Pale Ale with a malty middle and light hop aroma and moderate hop flavor. A slightly minerally dry finish.
4.8% ABV 
Willy Goat
Malty, with a balanced aroma of Munich, brown and colored malts. Light hop flavor with a dry finish.
5.1% ABV 
A Scottish Ale with a soft, malty, creamy body. Caramel and butterscotch aroma notes; flavor of malt, caramel with a touch of molasses. Just enough subtle dryness in the finish to balance the maltiness.
5.7% ABV 
A Special Brown Ale with a deep copper brown color. Aroma of malt with some fruit esters. Flavor is slightly sweet with hints of caramel and raisin. Has a slightly dry finish.
5.5% ABV
A Doppelbock that is ruby red in color. It has an aroma of toasted malt with some light caramel notes. Flavor of toasted malts with some caramel and raisin notes. Finish is clean with moderate hop dryness.
7.3% ABV
Maerzen: A very malty lager with strong toasted notes in the flavor and aroma with just a subtle hop dryness to the finish.
4.6% ABV 

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