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This is a Vienna Lager that has moderate malt sweetness with malt character from Vienna and other colored malts. Balanced with a subtle hop and caramel flavor and aroma. Clean, moderately dry finish.
5.3% ABV 
A Pils that is light, crisp and sparkling with flavor and aroma of German and Slovenian noble hops. Smooth, dry finish.
4.8% ABV 
A classic British style porter with black and brown malt flavor and aroma. Rich body with blanched dry finish. 
6.3% ABV 
Light, sparking, classic Bavarian Weizen. Aroma and notes of phenol and clove with a touch of banana ester. Very subtle, soft dryness in the finish. 
5.1% ABV 
All Mina
A British-Style Pale Ale with a malty middle and light hop aroma and moderate hop flavor. A slightly minerally dry finish.
4.8% ABV 
An amber Weizen with notes of clove, phenol and vanilla. Smooth body and balanced dry finish.
5.8% ABV 
Willy Goat
Malty, with a balanced aroma of Munich, brown and colored malts. Light hop flavor with a dry finish.
5.1% ABV 
A Scottish Ale with a soft, malty, creamy body. Caramel and butterscotch aroma notes; flavor of malt, caramel with a touch of molasses. Just enough subtle dryness in the finish to balance the maltiness.
5.7% ABV 
A Special Brown Ale with a deep copper brown color. Aroma of malt with some fruit esters. Flavor is slightly sweet with hints of caramel and raisin. Has a slightly dry finish.
5.5% ABV

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