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Canning January

We have a small micro canning system. Semi Automatic four head canner allows us to package ten to twenty cases an hour. We are not trying to set records so we take a our time. We also have moved to reduce the canning to ten cases of variety at a time. Goal is to help keep our canned beer fresh just like our drafts are.

The process starts with placing empty cleaned cans on the filler line. When the fill head drops, a small blast of CO2 clears any oxygen out and the counterpressure head drops to fill the can to a preset volume.

All four cans are filled at the same time. The heads lift and move the cans to the cap. A can cap is places and then seamed. Once seamed, we move to the labeler. Our labels are designed in house and sent to a local printer. As the can spins through the labeler, the canning date is added to help keep us all aware of what and when the canning was completed.

Enjoy this little whimsical video showing the canning where Greg added an Ai generated voice over.

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