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Otto, who the heck is he anyway

Otto von Guericke

We travel back in time to the German kingdom of Saxony and the early 1600's. Magdeburg Germany at the time was was a sizable city at the time of about 25,000 people. Otto was a self driven and had educational opportunities. He started in politics as a city council member. He escaped tragedy in 1631 when most all of Magdeburg was destroyed. Buildings and people.

He returned set on restoring his city which had less than 500 inhabitants. Logically his first task was to take up brewing beer and opened a successful business. This enabled accumulation of wealth and the ability to afford hobbies of experimentation. One of the major tragedies destroying his city was fire. After much work, he successfully created a vacuum which led to the first vacuum pump. His vacuum famously created such an impressive vacuum between two metal hemispheres that 16 horses could not pull them apart. That pump was used to fight fires and proved successful.

Some additional work led to the discovery of the electrostatic generator but he did not make efforts to expand or develop use for the charged particles produced.

Otto had other projects but it was consistent that his efforts were for the help of his fellow Saxons. Be it political, scientific, or humanitarian. So take Otto and his work as a bridge to Edison. For the light bulb needed a vacuum and charged electrons to work. As for his time as a brewer, well that just solidified the reason to name a beer after him.

We have no ideas what type of beer Otto brewed. Zac, Edison's brewmaster, wonderfully created A Berliner Weisse and we felt that Otto was a grand name for the flexible brew. It is great alone or with addes syrups. The light tart beer makes for a great thirst quencher on a warm day. The latest batch of Otto was just brewed and should be ready come May to enjoy.

Green - Woodruff an herbal plant

Red - Raspberry

Yellow - Lemon or plain

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