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The Brew Prep - Malt Edition

Brew days start with the planning and prep phase. While the planning is a little involved and not as much to show, prep days do offer some time to show and tell. With each brew, we need to assemble/prep the recipe to make the brew day go smooth.

In this video you can see the bags of Malt that have been set out for the mill process. These malts are barley and a bag of Wheat. Based on the recipe the types and roast level varies.

Why so many different types of Malt? Think about the cereal you eat. Like beer some cereals have just wheat, corn, or rice. Our Hefeweizen there are only a couple malts types used. In this case, the English Special Brown has a Muslix or granola feel.

Basically the malt needs to crack. Similar to steel cut oats. The kernels need to be opened so the starch sugars can be released in the brewing process.

The Hopper

Stay tuned for more blogs showing the beer making process here at Edison. In the meantime, come in and enjoy a brew while we wait for this Special Brown to finish. Sometime late March to early April it will be ready.



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